Asie 101, prise 2 : D’un ocean a l’autre…

Ma vague chemine toujours, ayant recemment pris une teinte d’un turquoise delave…

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Asie 101, prise I

Ma vague s’est laissée transporter, entrainée par le magnetisme asiatique, les rencontres incontournables et se laisse maintenant dériver…

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what’s goin on… monsoon!

At the moment koh tao is waking up to the usual battle between chickens and dogs around 6am followed by a darkish sky, then a gentle splatter

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road skillz

its a full-attention activity going for a ride into town. at any moment a bike/car/truck/small child/chicken might just pull out from a side road

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mon- soonOver

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