Asie 101, prise 2 : D’un ocean a l’autre…

Ma vague chemine toujours, ayant recemment pris une teinte d’un turquoise delave…

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Asie 101, prise I

Ma vague s’est laissée transporter, entrainée par le magnetisme asiatique, les rencontres incontournables et se laisse maintenant dériver…

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what’s goin on… monsoon!

At the moment koh tao is waking up to the usual battle between chickens and dogs around 6am followed by a darkish sky, then a gentle splatter

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road skillz

its a full-attention activity going for a ride into town. at any moment a bike/car/truck/small child/chicken might just pull out from a side road

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mon- soonOver

steaming, the sea is blue as blue as blue, fish jumpin, the fried food spots almost too much smell in the heat, and the beat goes on, upcoming podcast: the (unofficial) world largest hammock…

October 29th, 2005


…the usual battle between chickens and dogs…

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for yas without a podcast receiver (like itunes) get the cast with this mp3
podcast#1 (1)

try this!
here we go, the first podcast from koh tao! listen to ulaf ze german tell all about his samui experiences!!

31 comments October 22nd, 2005


welcome to koh tao tonic!
after meeting many folk and hearing their crazy tales whilst living in this great spot, i thought i’d make a podcast to share the wilder side of life!
hopefully a podcast will be up soon!

October 22nd, 2005

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